President’s Message

Parents raise children, communities raise standards
Forrestfield United is a community. We are many, we are diverse and we represent the area we live in. In the last few months we have seen huge changes/upgrades to the infrastructure that the club uses. This has been a fantastic achievement. Now we have one of the best grounds in Perth, I would like to ask you all to help look after it. Simple things like picking up rubbish and putting it in the bins, pulling a bit of tape off a goal post and putting it in the bin, telling a kid not to put their feet on the seats or throw their chips on the floor, you know the kind of things I am talking about. If we work together, as a community, we can make Forrestfield United a club that is the envy of every other club in WA.

In recent weeks I have been approached by several members, offering their time to help. Everything from running merchandising and other key areas of the club, to doing various “odd jobs” around the grounds. I am so impressed by peoples commitment to our club and I would like to thank every one of you. If you want to help, in any way, let me or a committee member know.

Stadium Pitch Fence
Friday will see the work on the perimeter fence for Pitch 1 completed. I just wanted to mention a couple of things about the fence.
1. The total cost will be around $17k, we applied for and received a grant from Bendigo Bank for $10k to offset that cost.
2. It is a “drop in, pull out” fence. We will install at the start of the season and remove at the end. This was a Kalamunda Shire requirement, as Hartfield Park is a public open space.
3. Because it is a “drop in, pull out” fence, it is not as robust as a permanent fence. It meets all health & safety requirements, but please discourage the kids from climbing on it, and kicking balls into it.
4. Now that the “Stadium Pitch” is enclosed, please tell you teams to refrain from using it to warm up before training and matches. We want to get as many teams as possible playing matches on this pitch, but to be able to do that, we need to make sure it stays in top condition.
5. It is a fantastic addition to the clubs infrastructure, and completes the grounds improvement project that has been conducted in the last 9 months. In addition to the installation of the fence, grandstand and the improvements to the “Home” changing rooms, the tunnel and away changing rooms have also been refurbished.