Forrestfield United Coaching Manual

As we arrive to the halfway mark of our fourth year it gives me tremendous satisfaction to state the obvious, “we are well and truly ahead of schedule in achieving our highly optimistic 5 year plan!! To achieve such a feat it takes an army of people, and what an army we have become. At this point in time I could not be more proud to be a member of the Forrestfield United Family.
Last Thursday marked a major milestone in our existence where at our own clubhouse we launched the FORRIE COACHING MANUAL. Our most senior, as well as our young and upcoming coaches had their final say before all were unanimous in officially launching the 333 page document that clearly endorses the phases of our coaching process throughout the age groups and ultimately the way we play Forrie specific style of football.
Our distinctively recognisable playing patterns are already becoming visible while defining our style of football which is already coming to life at every age group and every level as we entertain and promote playing football in the “spirit of the game” throughout the state of Western Australia.

When we drafted our first business plan, it was clear that the only way to compete with the wealthy and well established clubs is by placing the emphasis on our own talent.
The backbone of our existence is the development of not only our own players but all our coaches throughout the club as well.
Being a community club, word “elitism” has been taken out of the vocabulary as our aim, and always will be placed on development of healthy and well balanced young women and men in our region with emphasis on the best game on earth.
From the beginning, the key objective was to create an atmosphere where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves while being part of a well structured, safe and organised environment of Hartfield Park, which has well and truly been achieved.

In line with all the above, we also carry a huge responsibility in regards to development of our most talented and that is why we have created a system that assists the coaches in placing the youngsters in their group of abilities ensuring that they are happy while expressing themselves while being a contributor to their team.

So now, not only do we have a fantastic Amateur and Social set up but with the establishment of our Academy, we now have a clear pathway through to our State/NPL Squads and ultimately all the way to our National Team.

On behalf of all the coaching staff I would like to wish everybody a fantastic second half of the season, keeping in mind that you all as members, are ambassadors of our club which is now a massive contributor to the WA Football Community.

Head coach/Technical Director
Rod Banjac