President’s Message

Now that this amazing season is over, I thought it would be a good idea to take stock, look back at what has been achieved and look towards the future.

2017 has seen a lot of changes at our club, the most obvious being the construction of the grandstand and the refurbishment of the changing rooms. I want to thank everyone who has helped make this happen. To the previous committee members who worked hard to secure the funding, to the current committee members who helped make the dream into reality and to Rod, who was involved at every step, using his building/construction experience to ensure the club received the best possible outcome.

I also wanted to personally thank Andrew Waddell, Mayor of the City of Kalamunda. He has been a great supporter of the club over the years, and this project would not have got off the ground, if it hadn’t been for his support. There is a local election coming up soon, and I hope that he is in a position to continue his support for our club.

The 2017 season was a great one, it has seen our State team gain promotion to the NPL. That promotion meant that the U13 to U16 teams have also been promoted to the Junior NPL competition. The way the junior NPL works, is that they will never be relegated now, so Forrestfield United will now have our juniors in NPL, for as long as we want them to be. This is a great achievement. The move into NPL will change our club, but maybe not how you think. It will change the opportunities for our youngsters, and will mean our first teams games will be bigger events. It will mean we need to raise more money from sponsorship but it won’t change the fabric of our club. We are a family/community club which now has a development pathway which is arguably one of the best in WA. Having that pathway won’t change the fact that we are a family/community club, in fact it should further enhance it, because now kids and families don’t have to leave to pursue NPL.

This season has also see our Womens team finish runners up, our Masters Central team finish runners up and 8 of our 11 youth teams reach the top 4 finals. 3 teams won the top 4 cup, which is a fantastic result for our youth academy.

Next season will see the addition of a Womens U17’s team and a Sunday U18’s team, as the club tries to complete the pathways for all ages, genders and ability levels. We want kids to grow up playing football at Forrestfield and be able to carry on playing in a team, as they get older.

Moving on to next year and the effect that NPL will have on us. It is my opinion that the step up from State to NPL is not a massive one, in fact it is just the “next” step for our club. We have the organisation and infrastructure already in place for what happens on the field, we have a lot of what is needed off the field and in the boardroom. We always need more volunteers and we will always need more sponsors. This is where you can help. If you want to volunteer, let us know, if you know of any potential sponsors, let us know.

Finally, the feedback I have received from Football West and from other club presidents has been very good. All, without exception, have complimented us on our clubs achievements this year, and have enjoyed the way we hosted some of the big matches. Thank you again to all of you that helped make that happen. This is why we are a special club.

Andy Osborne
President FUSC