Junior NPL conferences announced

2018 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for our club. We have some great work happening to develop our womens/girls teams, our Amateur squads are gearing up for a promotion push, our senior NPL team is getting ready with a few pre season friendlies before Christmas, and finally Football West have just announced the Junior NPL Conferences for 2018.

Junior NPLWA conferences selected for 2018

The way the Junior NPL is set up for next season is that for the firat half of the season, the teams are split into conferences. Each match day is a “club vs club” event. So U13 to U16 will play the same opposition club, either home or away. It should make for a great “Sunday” match day event.

Half way through the season the teams are split into divisions of similar ability. So the first & second placed team from each conference will compete against each other in Division One, third & fourth placed teams will compete in Division Two, and so on.

The latter half of the season will see the match day more like the Metro Div 1 of last season i.e. our U13’s may play away vs one club, but our U14’s may play at home vs another. But it will mean that each division will see teams of similar ability, compete against each other.

This is a new format for Junior NPL, and looks like a very interesting and exciting prospect. Forrestfield United support this format and look forward to working with Football West to make it a success.