FUSC Masters back and ready for action

The Forrie Family is growing at Hartfield Park and it will continue this season with the Masters fielding three teams in 2018. Masters Coach Paul Mansfield said the club are putting into plan a pathway for players to stay at the club with the advent of over 45’s Masters side in 2018. “It’s been a goal for the club and the members associated with the masters to provide the pathway from amateurs and Saturday football. It’s only part of the big picture to keep our players within the club, with the friendships and associations made over the years of football, it’s really fantastic to be part of,” he explained.

“Having three teams allows all players moving into the masters a chance to find the right squad to continue their football. Our 45’s will find it difficult the first couple of seasons but as we grow and develop the other two masters it’s only a matter of time when the players start filtering into the 45s. I’m a true believer of strengthening the top which of course allows the flow of players down.

“Our numbers for season 2018 look healthy. Brian Mansfield keeps an updated spreadsheet of current players and new players and our numbers for the two over 35 squads is nearing 40 players, this doesn’t include the 2-3 players that walk through the gate each year. I can’t comment on the 45s numbers but I’m sure they will look to have a squad of 20 and that should be achievable.”

It was a successful season for the Masters in 2017, the first team finished runners-up in the Central Division, while the second team finished 4th in the South Division Two, and Mansfield said their hard work was rewarded. “The 2017 season has to be viewed as extremely successful,” he said. “Our second team won Division Three the previous year undefeated so moving up a level was a well-deserved reward for that squad. Having a strong squad in the Central league has been an achievement but we feel it means nothing if we don’t have a strong and competitive second team. We train together and support each other with players so it’s only fitting we try and keep each squad strong and healthy.

“The first team result of second place was a terrific result. We felt we were worthy of that spot and to keep close in points to the eventual winners AFC Joondalup was satisfying, they had a brilliant squad of players. It was a very tough league with some hostile away fixtures. We had hoped for the Central league to remain in 2018 but look forward to a revived South league. One positive is the cup, having a South and North league adds that bit of mystery to opposition teams when you don’t face them throughout the season. 2018 again looks promising, our player retention has been high and some off season signings will ensure we have two strong squads again.”

The Masters will begin pre-season this week – Thursday 1st February at 7pm – and will have a catch up shortly as the players and they families get to know each other and Mansfield said it’s all part of the Forrie Family. “We usually have an end of season catch up and we had planned to make it at my place in November, unfortunately it was a busy month for me so it was postponed, a get together in the coming months is back on the agenda. I’ve just laid 120m2 of turf so my back garden is ready for a kick about,” he said.

“During the season the lads are fantastic with collecting fine and betting money and we have a nice amount to put on food and drinks. It’s an event were we encourage the wives, partners and children to attend. It has previously been a really well attended and enjoyed day and night. We start training shortly on Thursday 1st February at 7pm. I will take the bulk of training but with so many experienced players and coaches within the ranks we often share the sessions. The players love this idea as it gives everybody a new and fresh session. It also gives the players a bit of input to their Thursday evening.”

For more information about the Masters teams please contact Paul Mansfield on 0413845453