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Just who are these old guys that we see on Thursday nights at the bar and what do they bring to our Club?

The FUSC Masters have grown from one team in South Div3 three years ago to now having three teams. One team sitting third in the Premier League, one team top of SDV3 and newly formed over 45s holding their own mid table in the 45s Group A.

The rise has been quite dramatic with the Premier team gaining promotion to the top division as champions of SDV3, SDV2 and SDV1 in consecutive seasons.

A second team was formed two seasons ago as numbers began to increase. The second team are now showing the depth in the squad by leading SDV3 with a third of the season to go.

Our over 45s team which has a number of players that played in the title winning teams of the past three seasons make up the third team in our ranks and are mixing it successfully in their league.

We are a loyal bunch here in the Masters and have a number of players that have been with the Club since they were 7/8 years old! Others have joined FUSC as young players with our senior teams but then soon learned that club swapping was over and FUSC was the place they would remain.

Amongst our group we currently have ten players coaching Juniors, one coaching with the Saturday teams and at least as many again who have coached or been on committees at the club in the past.

Thousands of hours have been put back into the Club by our players. This is something we feel is one of our best attributes and hope that current Senior, Youth and Junior players will continue with as they get older within the Club.

Now that we have the three teams we have a pathway for players to remain at the Club as players as long as their legs will allow! Whether it is in the Premier League against former Socceroos, Glory and NPL players in the second team or in the 45s. We will always have a team for our members old and new to keep them here at Hartfield Park.

We are also great supporters of the Club off the field be it watching and supporting the Junior and Saturday teams, attending and help organise Club social events, the last of which being the 80’s quiz night that was a massive success or boosting Club funds over the bar every Thursday. The Masters are an asset to the Club both on and off the field.