Forrestfield take on Canning City in season opener

Forrestfield United will open their 2016 Football West Division One campaign on April 9, when they take on Canning City under lights at Hartfield Park (7.00pm) Their first game on the road is a repeat of the State League Night Series Final, when they take on Joondalup United at Forrest Park (3.00pm).

It will be the clubs first season back in the Division since 2013 and Rod Banjac said the club are buzzing and are looking forward to the new season. “As we reflect on humble beginnings, there are many reasons to look forward to the new season in State League Division One with great optimism,” he said. “Three years ago we set some challenging objectives for ourselves as a club and it is pleasing to see that three years into our five year plan that we are exceeding all expectations. Passion associated with pride in representing our region and our community has been the driving force throughout the most demanding stages.”

Banjac said the whole club are working together to bring success back to Hartfield Park. “We have established a Football Model with a clear pathway for the most talented firmly in place, but just as important, our social aspect of the club has never been better,” he explained. “Our Amateurs are in fantastic shape and are now very closely linked to the state squad, providing options for our valued members, not to mention depth within the squads.

“It has been our objective from the beginning to be in a position to challenge for a spot in NPL as well as the Amateur Premier League, and we are not far off, where our supportive community members will be entertained by quality football on Saturdays and Sundays. The juniors, who are the future of our club, are swelling in numbers with abundance of talent that will keep us at top level of competition in years to come. We are also working in a close relationship with Beckenham Angels to provide the pathway for our girls. Last but not least, “the backbone” of our club, is the Social Seniors, who are represented in three divisions, including the Premier Masters.”

The coach also said the clubs supporters have been outstanding and he hopes they continue to back the club. “One of the integral components of our club is “The Mighty Forry Army”, who have had a great preseason, and like our State Squad have booked themselves a spot in the Football West Night Series Grand Final against a well-supported Joondalup United. It is now a well-known fact that they got us over the line on many occasions, and we hope for their continued support during the season.”